Handling and Caring for Your Pawmat

Handling and Caring for Your PawMat

Unrolling Your PawMat

Unrolling Your PawMatWhen you first receive your PawMat it will need to be unrolled properly to get it back to its flat position. This helps the PawMat to lay flat and stick better to the surface underneath it. Firstly you want to roll your PawMat it the opposite direction just a few times and then begin the flattening process. Take each corner one at a time and roll it tightly in the opposite direction of the curl into the center as pictured. You should do this on each corner rolling all the way into the center of your PawMat for about five minutes on each corner. You may notice its not 100% flat at this point but it should be well on its way. You can continue to roll each corner into the center for a few minutes and as it stays on top of your table or floor it will flatten completely with use in about 1 day. We have also found if you wet down your PawMat with warm water it helps to get it to uncurl since PawMat material is heat sensitive. If you do not use these techniques to flatten it then may shift or move because it allows air to get underneath the PawMat. Securing it under your grooming arm is encouraged for additional security but the PawMat should not shift or move when its flat with weight on top of it.

Will My PawMat Get Scratched?

Wear and Tear for your PawMat

Due to the comfortable nature of our material as well as the instinct for dogs to grip with their claws to gain traction, scratches and gouges are considered normal wear and tear. This does not effect the quality of the product and still provides the animal with a wonderful anti-fatigue mat atop any slippery surface.  PawMats provide comfort for your furry clients, as well as protection for your expensive tabletops and tubs.  It's non-toxic, PVC and latex free! 

Cleaning Your PawMat

Cleaning your PawMat

When you wash your PawMats at the end of the day we recommend Dawn dish soap, water and a sponge, but you can use a bleach solution or pretty much any type of pet cleaners and disinfectants. As pictured you can see that even a heavily used mat that had not been washed in weeks can come clean again. For tougher dirt, grease or blood and even quick stop we recommend using Clorox Bleach Wipes or Mr Clean Magic Eraser’s. Please note that the best way to remove quick stop is to clean it within a reasonable time frame as with any surface the longer you leave it the more likely it is to stain. PawMat’s are made to be stain resistant but they are not stain proof. We tested with blood, foods, dyes and grease etc. but length of time and treatment of the surface could effect the stain resistance. Its best to wash your PawMat at the end of each day or at least wipe it down.

Please Note...

PawMat is made of a patented material that is used for medical equipment and children’s toys however because this material can both be molded into a hard or soft substance we must understand that heat will effect it or could change its unique properties. For this reason we do not recommend using in direct sunlight or using PawMat with any type of dryer that puts off heat. In addition if you use your PawMat in the bath tub, you never want to use hot water for an extended period of time.