About PawMat

Why Should I Choose PawMat?

PawMat Winner of Barkleigh Honors Product of the YearPawMat is a superior anti-fatigue  grooming table, kennel, bath and floor mat for dogs and pet professionals. If you look at a PawMat it resembles a yoga mat. However yoga mats are made to absorb sweat when you work out on them so they get sticky, and start to fall apart then they harbor moisture and bacteria. PawMat has the comfort but without absorbing moisture so NO bacteria or mildew! They keep dogs safer on your table and in the bath or anywhere else there is a slippery surface. Dogs have better traction which makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed and in turn makes your job easier. The colors give good contrast for grooming too! The best part is how good they feel under your feet! 

Is PawMat Safe?

Liquid on an 80's Teal Waterproof PawMat PawMat is made from Thermoplastic technology, this material has been extensively tested for systemic and hemotoxicity and have been found to be chemically inactive. What that means is if a dog swallowed a piece of the mat, it would not be toxic to your animal. Thermoplastics are so safe that they are used for medical equipment as well children's toys and many other products used by us everyday.

What Makes PawMat Unique?

Person Standing on a Pretty in Pink PawMat Elite Floor MatChoosing a material was a huge decision that Chanel took very serious. She knew balancing durability with function was something that had to be a priority but wanted to stay Eco-conscience. Thermoplastic technology was the solution. It's water and stain resistance make it easy to clean and dry quickly. The grip and durability made it function properly on tables, kennels and any floor surface.

Our Story

Chanel and Kids PawMat Founder and Family

Chanel Owens has been in the pet care industry since she was born in 1983. Her family bred and showed champion German Wired Hair Pointers, her fondest childhood memories are having puppies in her home and going to AKC shows and hunting trials. Many know Chanel as the Dog Coordinator at different trade shows, which she has been doing since the age of 16. Prior to that she came to shows and absorbed all the knowledge she possible could from her mother, industry icons and fellow competitors. In addition Her mother Donna Owens who is a judge and speaker has won many awards over the course of her career in the grooming industry, she has been on Groom Team USA and graced the cover of Groomer to Groomer. Although Chanel never competed she thought of products that could be produced to help groomers in their everyday salons as well as competitively. The first idea that ever came to her mind is the companies first executed product. Chanel has been researching and testing those materials for years to bring a superior quality product to fruition. While there are other products in the works she has developed the first one, PawMat that is significant to her personally in addition to it being functional.