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PawMat Anti-Fatigue Grooming Mat (24" x 44")

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 Available in Black and Pink.

PawMat is a superior grooming table, bath, and kennel mat that gives dogs the comfort they need during the grooming process. Three times thicker than a standard yoga mat, PawMat is an anti-slip, anti-fatigue surface that lets your four-legged clients relax while you brush, comb, or groom them. PawMat is great for senior dogs and dogs that feel uneasy about being on a grooming table or in the tub. In addition, your more seasoned clients will thank you for a cushioned, more comfortable surface to stand on while you scissor and put on the finishing and touches. PawMat will not become embedded with hair and is liquid and stain resistant making cleanup a breeze while helping to protect all of your grooming surfaces. Measures 44" x 24"