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PawMat Anti-Fatigue Grooming Mat (24" x 24")

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PawMat is a superior grooming table, bath, and/or kennel mat that gives dogs the comfort they need during the grooming process. Three times the thickness of a standard yoga mat! PawMat is an anti-slip, anti-fatigue surface that lets your four-legged clients relax while you brush, comb or groom them. Great for senior dogs and dogs that feel uneasy about being on a grooming table or in the tub. In addition, your more seasoned clients and show dogs will thank you for a cushioned more comfortable surface to stand on while you scissor and put on the finishing and touches. PawMat will not become embedded with hair and is liquid and stain resistant. Care Instructions: Unrolling When you first receive your PawMat it will need to be unrolled properly to get it back to its flat position. This helps the PawMat to lay flat and stick better to the surface underneath it. Firstly you want to roll your PawMat it the opposite direction just a few times and then begin the flattening process. Take each corner one at a time and roll it tightly in the opposite direction of the curl into the center as pictured. You should do this on each corner rolling all the way into the center of your PawMat for about five minutes on each corner. You may notice its not 100% flat at this point, but it should be well on its way. You can continue to roll each corner into the center for a few minutes and as it stays on top of your table or floor it will flatten completely with use in about 1 day. We have also found if you wet down your PawMat with warm water it helps to get it to uncurl as PawMat material is heat sensitive. If you do not use these flattening techniques, PawMat may shift or move because it allows air to get underneath. Securing it under your grooming arm is encouraged for additional security but the PawMat should not shift or move when its flat with the weight of a dog on top of it.